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March 15, 2017




Welcome to the Miami to Havana Race!

Hosts Coral Reef Yacht Club and Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba, along with SORC as Race Committee, proudly welcome your participation in the Inaugural Miami to Havana Race. On these pages you will find the story behind the race, pertinent data about the race, links to the entry forms, links to safety information, information on obtaining the permits required to enter the race, and a host of other information.

In the past year, SORC competitors have raced to the Bahamas in the Nassau Cup Race, Key West in the Ft. Lauderdale to Key West Race, and to Jamaica in the Pineapple Cup Montego Bay Race, yet the crown jewel sitting geographically between all of those terrific winter racing destinations, Cuba, remained out of reach. This changed on December 17, 2014, with the words “Good afternoon. Today, the United States of America is changing its relationship with the people of Cuba.”. American sailors are once again allowed to legally race to Cuba. SORC distributed a survey, asking various questions about a potential race to Cuba, and developed this race based on the responses.

The result is the Inaugural Miami to Havana Race, starting on February 10, 2016, just south of the Miami harbor entrance. Host Coral Reef Yacht Club has a long history of association with both the former SORC “Southern Circuit” regatta and the current SORC race management team. Similarly, Cuban sailors were a big part of the old Southern Circuit, with Luis Vidaña’s Criollo crowned the Overall Winner of the series in 1957. Havana played a big part of the the Circuit, with the first St. Petersburg to Havana Race in 1930 and last in 1959. We now renew our ties with our sailing neighbors, first with the Miami to Havana Race, the final race of the Islands in the Stream Series, and then on February 14, with a coastal race along the Malecón, with local junior sailors assigned to each boat. An after race/awards party will follow, at the Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba.


Recent News:

September 2, 2016
The Notice of Race is Now Posted
The Notice of Race is posted and the online entry is also open to register for the 2017 event. Don't miss it...save the date and make your plans now.

What a Race!
The Coral Reef Yacht Club, the Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba and the Southern Ocean Racing Conference welcome your participation in the 2nd Annual Miami to Havana Race. The Miami to Havana Race delivers everything you expect from an SORC race, and then some.  The best parties, the lowest cost of any race to Havana, both of those are positives…, but what really sets the Miami to Havana Race apart is the tactical challenge it presents.  This is no follow the leader race.  The Kattack tracker told the tale, 24 hours into the race, with the fleet evenly split on either side of the rhumb line, nearly 100 miles across from east to west, and the line honors winner already in Havana after blazing a trail straight down the middle. Those seeking a race to be won (or lost) by the tactical decisions they make on the race course instead of their handicap will enjoy the challenge.

Look for some new faces and boat names to join the party in Havana this year. Both the ORC Class and the new East Coast Racer Cruiser Association (ECRCA) Division are offered in the 2nd Annual Miami to Havana Race, starting on March 15, 2017.  ECRCA president Jay Tyson shared “This is the next step in our vision of providing a format that allows dual purpose boats the ability to follow the seasons and participate in great events using the same class rules and rating system”.  The ECRCA classes offered for Miami to Havana include:

PERFORMANCE CRUISER CLASS – Open to any boat a full cruising interior and a Downwind Sail Area/Displacement ratio of less than 50.

CRUISER CLASS – Limited to boats using “Cruising Chutes” tacked to the centerline of the boat and DWSA/DISP of less than 34

NON SPINNAKER CRUISER CLASS – Rated Sail Area/Displacement of less than 30.

US Representative for ORC Dobbs Davis spoke about the ORC class inclusion and what it means for the SORC series.  “ORC is honored to be asked to help make the revival of the SORC a success. Our involvement with this prestigious series goes back to its roots 40-or more years ago when it was ORC that generated ratings in the IOR system to produce competitive racing. Now the tools are much more sophisticated so that a greater range of boat types can have the same competitive racing while enjoying the joys and challenges of offshore sailing.

Also on board for 2017 is some help for planning those tactical decisions from the Official Weather Provider and co-Sponsor, Weather Routing Inc. Competitors will have access to state of the art weather forecasting for the race, as well as water temperature data, and weather advisories.

Those new offerings and the new faces they bring should help the Havana Race grow from its highly successful inaugural year, and wrap up the SORC Islands in the Stream Series in roaring Havana fashion once again. 

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