In South Florida:

The Coral Reef Yacht Club visitor's guide has nearby lodging and other helpful local knowledge.


In Cuba:

Among the bigger hurdles for the Inaugural Race was the great difficulty that competitors endured when trying to find lodging in Havana, especially near Marina Hemingway.  Air BnB eventually provided a solution to this problem, and is still an option, but some folks would have preferred more help from a reliable lodging source. 

Cuba Candela
Allow us to introduce you to Cuba Candela, a travel agency specializing in meeting the challenges presented by Cuba travel.  While not affiliated with SORC, when presented with the issues that competitors faced when seeking lodging, Cuba Candela established a network of accommodations for competitors, along with the security of having a representative on sight when you arrive, to handle any hiccups and bumps you might otherwise face along the way.  They have put together an informational page just for competitors in the Miami to Havana Race, which is available here:
The name of the hotel within Marina Hemingway is “Hotel Club Acuario”.  You can use the search site to search for rooms at the hotel as you would on any online booking site.              

You can search for housing throughout Cuba including the Marina Hemingway (Miramar) area. 




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