This information is provided as a courtesy, and it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all regulations governing travel to Cuba and entry into Cuba.

Important Notices:

  • The Department of State has issued a travel warning related to health issues experienced by US Embassy staff - HERE
  • The recent Amendments to the regulations controlling our category of travel to Cuba prohibit direct financial transactions with the entities identified on the following list HERE.

Updated Instructions for Completing the CG3300 Application for
Permit to Enter Cuban Territorial Seas

This can be filled out online and printed in completed form.

This application allows vessels from the US to cross the 12 mile line at the boundary of Cuban territorial waters, en route to Cuba.

You no longer need to provide specific licenses from the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) or export licenses from Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) with your application, but you must identify the OFAC general license under which you are traveling, 31 CFR 515.567(b), providing a general license for travel to Cuba for participation in an amateur athletic event, and the exception from the export license requirement from BIS, 15 CFR 740.15(d)(6)(i)(c), for vessels traveling to Cuba on temporary sojourn of less than 14 consecutive days, connected with OFAC authorized travel.

Foreign flagged vessels: As long as the vessel is foreign-flagged AND does not meet any of the criteria under 33 C.F.R. , Part 107, a Permit will not be required for that vessel.  However, you should still apply for the Permit, because you need to present the “No Permit Required” email that you receive from the Coast Guard, to Customs and Border Patrol when you clear out of the US.  Submit the “No Permit Required” email to the Race Committee in lieu of the approved Permit.

Completing the Application for Permit to Enter Cuban Territorial Waters:

You should be able to complete the Application through the end of Section 3. Section 4 begins with “My purpose for the voyage is ________”. Complete that sentence with “to compete in the Miami to Havana Race on 2/14/18, and the Castillo del Morro Race on 2/17/18, amateur athletic events pursuant to 31 CFR 515.567(b).”

Next up is “My OFAC license number for this voyage is _________”. Just write “attached” in the space, and attach a separate sheet of paper, explaining why you qualify for the general license provided in 31 CFR 515.567(b), allowing travel for amateur athletic competitions. A sample statement is provided at the end of this section, titled “Sample Statement for response to Section 4 OFAC export license question.”

The next section is “My Commerce export license number for this voyage is __________”. Write “See attached” in the space. On the separate sheet, explain that 15 CFR 740.15(d)(6)(i)(c) provides an exception to the rule requiring a BIS export license, for vessels in connection with travel authorized by OFAC, remaining in Cuba for no more than 14 consecutive days. See sample statement at the end of this section.

Complete the crew list. Caveat: If you have to add a crewmember to the list, after the application has been submitted, you go back to square one and start the application process over. If you misspell a name or enter the wrong birth date or Passport Number, you go back to square one and reapply. If a crewmember on the list cannot make the trip, they can be deleted without having to reapply. One might be wise to list all possible crewmembers on the initial application, and narrow the list once the crew is finalized.

The application should be faxed to 305 415-6791, but may be emailed to
Questions can be directed to:
MST1 Joseph Wilson
District 7 Response Division
909 SE 1st Ave.
Miami, Fl. 33131
305-415-6791 fax

Sample Statement for response to Section 4 OFAC and DOC/BIS export license questions:

      My OFAC license for this voyage is provided by general license in 31 CFR 515.567(b), allowing travel to Cuba (and travel related transactions) for participation in amateur athletic competitions. The Miami to Havana Race is an amateur sailboat race, beginning on February 14, 2018, proceeding to the Marina Hemingway, with most boats expected to arrive on the 15th or 16th. That will provide time to prepare for the race to Morro Castle and back on the 17th, organized by the Southern Ocean Racing Conference, in which Cuban citizens are welcome to participate and observe. The race proceeds along the Malecón, allowing the Cuban public two opportunities to observe the competition. I agree to maintain records of each and every transaction related to this voyage for five years, pursuant to 31 CFR 501.601, and to furnish them upon request by the Director, Office of Foreign Asset Control, pursuant to 31 CFR 501.602.

My Commerce export license number for this voyage is provided by a rule exception, listed in 15 CFR 740.15(d)(6)(i)(c). The temporary sojourn is in connection with travel authorized by the Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Asset Control (see above), and under no circumstances will the vessel remain in Cuban waters for more than 14 consecutive days.  

Departure, Entry, and Return

• Departure:

Individual boats will need only one Permit:

US Coast Guard Form CG3300 “Permit to Enter Cuban Territorial Seas”:  This permit allows vessels from the US to cross the 12 mile line at the boundary of Cuban territorial waters, en route to Cuba. 

Instructions for completing the CG3300 application and a link are available at the bottom of this page.


• Entry into Cuba:

You can anticipate an exceptionally courteous and thorough customs/entry inspection. We are advised that costs will be $150/vessel, and $85/passenger visa. The process will be handled there, with oversight by the Hemingway International Yacht Club. This should be a smooth process, unless any contraband (drugs or pornography) or unwelcome participants are discovered. Cuban Customs is thorough in their clearance inspection! Do not bring contraband or unwelcome participants. Be advised that competitors born in Cuba must present a Cuban Passport for entry.

Marina Hemingway is not new, and amenities are sparse. Costs are $0.5 CUC to 0.6 CUC per foot per day; 0.6 CUC/gallon for water; and 0.35 CUC/Kw hour for electricity. A CUC is roughly equivalent to a US dollar (there are costs to convert currency, however, which reduce the exchange to approximately .87 CUC/Dollar). Ballpark hotel costs at the marina are $65 CUC/day for a single room; and $90 CUC/day for a double.

We are advised that long distance communication equipment may be kept on the boats (SSB, Satphones), but will be and must remain sealed for the duration of your visit.

Transaction record keeping is required. See 31 CFR 515.567 and 31 CFR 501.601 and 602. You must keep a record of all transactions in Cuba and make it available upon request by the Director of the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) for five years.

Each vessel needs to fill out this Declaration Form. Please complete as much of this form as possible prior to the race, and keep the form on the boat to expedite the check-in process.


• Return to US:

To obtain information concerning clearing US customs by boat, visit the US Customs website here.

Customs and Border Protection requirements:
• You should have a Customs decal before you leave the US. Go to this website to obtain this decal with the online system Decal and Transponder Online Procurement System (DTOPS).
• Each boat must report in to Customs and Border Protection telephonically upon your return, and may be directed to the nearest port of entry for a face to face inspection/clearance.
• For faster clearing, review the Small Vessel Reporting System (SVRS) at the US Customs website here.
•In addition to the Customs requirements listed above, when you receive your CG3300 Permit from the USCG, you will receive a copy of the following information on additional requirements to be satisfied upon your return.
Requirements for Vessels Returning from Cuba - From USCG District 7


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